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We thank each and everyone for visiting our site and we hope we can provide you with service you'll definitely love and recommend it to friends and family. and Giahead Payment systems Service Agreement

We glad you have chosen us as your IPTV service provider,Please read below Service Agreement before proceeding and Ordering any service on here means you understand and Agree to our Service Policies.

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**We don't own the server or any other services on here so as a result we can't control or guarantee service in terms of server/business shutdown.

We also do not own any streaming content on here,we just resellers of various servers readily available online and we do not bare any legal liability or responsibility on what you chooses to do with any of the services we sell on this site.

As a result of Business or Server shutdown,there won't be any refund so please DO NOT ORDER if you don't Agree.

Subscribing to any service on this website(, means you Agree with our policies in regards to Service Agreement.

Again please do not order unless you in Agreement with our Service Policies.

Is IPTV service and Again we do not guarantee service so Order at your own risk.....No refund at any point!

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